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What is IGTV and Why Should You Care?

We’re in the digital age and media consumption is on the rise. Video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch are some of the most popular platforms for hosting videos on the internet. YouTube recently recorded an average of 30 million distinct visitors per day.






All these platforms are optimized for sharing mostly horizontal video; Horizontal video is the default way in which we consume content from our televisions, laptops and projector screens in a 2:1 ratio(landscape) ratio.


In the up-rise of mobile curated video content through Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Whatsapp stories and Facebook stories among others, a new approach to content creation and consumption has emerged; VERTICAL VIDEO, videos made to be viewed in the orientation we hold our pocket computers by default.




For this reason Instagram has launched IGTV, a mobile-first Youtube competitor with mobile content consumption in mind. IGTV will display video content in vertical orientation for a more immersive mobile experience and allow content creators to make their own content in that format as well for their audience. It has seen decent adoption numbers since its launch.


Instagram is hoping to create a mobile video sharing monster in IGTV and we’re excited about it. Are you?

July 3, 2018

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