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Since the coronavirus broke out there has been a lot of information and recommendations on how to prevent infection by the virus such as good hygiene, social distancing and proper handwashing.

However, there has been little or no information on what do when a person catches the virus.


Health professionals advise that it is imperative to know what do when one is infected with the virus.  People are hence, directed to prepare towards the virus by stocking up on important medicinal items such as Kleenex, Paracetamol , ibuprofen  (any generic mucus thinning cough medicine of your choice). Homemade remedy such as Honey and lemon also work well for cough.

It is also recommended to run a humidifier when one goes to bed at night. Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can irritate many parts of the body.

Humidifiers create Humidity which acts as a natural moisturizing agent that can relieve dryness. For this reason, humidifiers are often used for relieving dry skin, dry throat and nose irritation. People who have a history of asthma are also encouraged to have with them an inhaler at all times.

People are also encouraged to make a big batch of their favourite soup to freeze and have on hand. Soups help to boost the immune system, thus it is recommended to drink a lot of soup during this time.

 Although water is enough to keep the body hydrated, one can also stock up on their favourite clear fluids to keep them hydrated while they are on self-isolation.

For symptom management, use the meds mentioned. For a fever over 101, alternate Paracetamol  and Ibuprofen  so you’re taking a dose of one then the other every 3 hours.

Even if a person is feeling better it is advisable to continue to stay in self- isolation at least for fourteen days. Also, avoid touching older people and those with existing health conditions.


A visit to the hospital may not be necessary unless you are having trouble breathing or your fever is very high (over 103.5) and unmanaged with meds. 90% of healthy adult cases thus far have been managed at home with basic rest/hydration/over-the-counter meds. If you are worried or in distress or feel the symptoms are getting worse, call the numbers provided by the Ghana Health Service (0552222004 or 0552222005)

Talk to your doctor or specialist for advice if you have a pre-existing health problem such as lung condition (COPD, emphysema, lung cancer) or are on immunosuppressants


Source: COPD UK

March 17, 2020

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