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Technology is fast growing and it is important for parents to manage what content their kids are exposed to when online. When children get access to mobile phones, computers or tablets with internet connection, they are likely to use mobile or web applications which are a great resource for unlimited information. It is therefore important for parents and teachers alike to control what minors are exposed to on their gadgets.
These are five productive applications that children can use.

Evernote is a productivity app which lets users save projects, documents, notes, lists, webpages, photos, audio and more. This app is free and is available on Google Play Store on Android devices, App Store on iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac computers. It allows you to capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere and your best ideas are with you always and in sync.

This app is good for teens who have interest in building and inventing new things. It is a popular DIY app which allows users to share and learn new ideas on projects. These range from technology, craft, food, costume, play and a lot more. Even though Instructables has a website, the mobile application version can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

Varsity Tutors Mobile Applications offer students free educational resources including practice tests, quizzes, flashcards and diagnostic tests in various subjects. This provides free learning tools designed to increase knowledge and improve users’ confidence. Subjects vary from Mathematics, Science, History, Finance, Economics, English, Elementary tutoring and more for various levels.

Does your child like drawing and painting? Sketchbook pro is a drawing and painting app for phones and tablets. This contains tools set to get children interested in drawing and also whets their creative appetite. The app has both free and premium versions with various tools set for easier use. It allows users to organize their work into albums and easily backup their creations to the cloud.

It is the desire of every parent to raise their child to make good financial choices and have a good appreciation of how to use money efficiently. Savings Spree focuses on how different lifestyle choices can lead to big savings or expenses. Presented in a game show format, the app can help children to know how to earn, spend, donate or invest money in different scenarios. The child therefore picks up lessons on the realities of using money.

The above apps can help children develop an interest in reading productive content which will go a long way to help improve their creative and academic performance. It can also help them make positive lifestyle choices. Parents need to search for apps which are specific to particular areas of interest, which they prefer their children to be familiar with.

November 2, 2017


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