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As the world evolves, we move further towards using technology to enhance products and services and as technology is shaping human lives, education is progressing. Gone are the days when children used to play ampe, build sand castles, play hide and seek and play with sticks. Now, kids would rather sit behind a computer screen or use mobile phones and tablets. Thus, it has become necessary for us to use digital means to facilitate teaching, get student feedback and increase lesson retention.

With new teaching content being uploaded online each day, it is important for schools to take advantage of it to help students gain a better understanding of important concepts. From how fast the world is moving in the digital space, whiteboards and chalkboards may soon be disappearing from the classrooms so the gap needs to be bridged with smartboards. Technology is raiding the hard book industry and replacing it with e-books, worksheets; this is why it has become imperative for schools to invest heavily in digital learning tools and resources.

Schools need to harness the power of the internet, adopt digital teaching methods and online tools. Digital learning will enhance how students learn for years to come, have an impact on workforce and influence how they interact with the world around them. Digital learning helps to broaden one’s scope of academic learning; its high communication range and combination with advanced media tools are beneficial for both students and teachers.

Digital media tools have proven to be productive and resourceful and thus, these are some of the reasons why schools need to take digital learning seriously:

  • Students and teachers would have access to a wide range of multimedia tools to help present their views, ideas, discuss questions and new insights, and solve learning issues.
  • Since human beings depend heavily on the digital space to thrive in their activities, it is only fitting that modern students employ this medium to advance in their education.
  • Moreover, digital learning platforms offer unlimited resources for students. There are sites that provide free help to students who require support for their education. Additionally, some sites offer worksheets and subject tests to students to evaluate their learning to know which areas need improvement. It also helps students to concentrate on specific topics of interest; this could influence the choice of field for their future studies.
  • Digital learning is also a way for students to communicate with other students on a global level. This is to say that, they can exchange relevant information on e-learning platforms and share ideas to improve their communicative skills and studies generally.

Institutions are becoming more concerned with quality-based pedagogy instead of result-based version and this is why it has become necessary to incorporate digital methods in teaching and learning to help students have access to top-notch education.


September 20, 2020


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