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The laptop setup I wrote my first line of code on. Laptop(Lenovo Z50-70 laptop with an Hp 14” external monitor)


As a kid, I always had a strong zeal for technology and modern advancements. This inner passion was often expressed through watching Sci-Fi movies, technology related videos and constant mindless surfing of the web for related gems(which were mostly fake or concept technologies at best).

Then came after Senior High School when it was time to enroll in a tertiary institution. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for sure, but one thing I knew was that it definitely had something to do with technology.

I got into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to read a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

On campus, I was lucky to find friends who had already been programming from their Senior High School days and that further inspired me to take programming really seriously.

We ( my 2 friends and I)  have already taken part in 3 Hackathons and continue to learn more to sharpen our skill set through online courses from Wes Bos, Freecodecamp and Youtube especially when we hit a roadblock.


My friends and I : Right-to-Left(Me(Douglas Adjei-Frempah), Kwame Owusu-Gyimah and Sese Smith) pitching our product to judges during the 2017 DreamOval and Hacklab Hackathon.

In summer of 2018, I landed an internship opportunity at Moohey Ghana: owners of the Seekapor Educational platform, as part of their web applications team. I joined a team of rockstar developers who had already gained deep insight into the industry and I was more than happy to tap from their vast pool of knowledge. I worked mostly with front end stacks(CSS + Bootstrap, Javascript + React).




The journey so far has by no means been an easy journey at all, I constantly have moments when I throw my hands in despair when I can’t get my code to work as I expect it to. But with tweaking, reading around and asking for help online and from individuals, I’m often able to arrive at a fix and experience the joyful daily uh-huh moments of programming.

I’m only beginning my journey as a software engineer and I am loving every moment of it and I look to the coming years with optimism. Like they say: “If you love what you do, you wouldn’t ever work a day in your life”.

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August 1, 2018

2 responses on "WHY I LEARNED TO CODE"

  1. Wow. This is inspiring. Best wishes in your journey as you learn and grow.

  2. Very sharp😀 Enjoyed working with you

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