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Why Typing is an Essential Skill

Due to the use of computers for work, school, and processing of documents among others, typing has become an essential skill for everyone in this digital age. Decades ago, the use of computers was the preserve of people who could afford desktop computers at home or visit internet cafes, however, this has changed.

Students especially those at the tertiary level of education are required to type their assignments before submitting, which makes it relevant for them to learn how to type. Since most jobs are also becoming digitized, workers are required to possess typing skills, thereby cutting down the need for typists at workplaces.  

Even people who do not work in office settings or go to school may be required to complete forms online which requires some level of typing skills. Also, social media is common and is used by a lot of people. Being able to type on the phone is also a form of typing skill because texting is fast becoming an easier and more convenient form of communication.

The essence of typing had been emphasized with a day set aside to draw attention to the relevance of typing. World Typing Day which originated in Malaysia and is an annual event which was co-organised by the Speed Typing Contest (STC), the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Typo Auto Corrector (TAC). It is marked to promote speed, accuracy and efficiency in written communication. First celebrated in 2011, Typing Day is also aimed at encouraging people to be expressive in written communication.

Over the years, typing has evolved especially with the introduction of the auto-correct and text replacement features. Because the use of technology and computers have become common, the need to be able to type has become a basic skill required by individuals for personal and professional purposes. Especially for professionals in the digital communications space, typing is crucial in their daily communication practice and essentially their job.

The ability to type fast has also become necessary, therefore students and professionals must learn the skill of typing fast. There are softwares that can help you learn how to type with the common one being the Mavis Beacon software.

Are you good at typing? How about challenging yourself to type faster? Yet to learn how to type, start by using the Mavis Beacon Software.

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July 30, 2019

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