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Women in Tech Africa, a four day festival of women in technology ended last week and it was an amazing and an eye opening event. Women in Tech basically is a group set up to support women in African communities pursuing careers or businesses related to technology.

Women in Tech has a threefold mission and they are:

  • To create today’s female leaders and role models for tomorrow’s women.
  • To show the world what a strong African woman is capable of achieving.
  • To support the African growth through technology.


But let us hold on to that for a bit. The focus of this blog is to celebrate the head of Women in Tech-Ghana Chapter, Selasie Dzikunu. Having gone through the mission and vision of Women in Tech before deciding to sign up for the event, we were aware of the numerous advantages that came with attending. We also made sure to check out the topics and speakers for each day. But like most people, we missed out on knowing who the convener of the event was. It usually does not matter, does it?.

However, walking into the auditorium, it was obvious from her smile, the aura, the posture that Selasie was in charge and she knew what she was about and it made us feel at home. It also made us realise that the event was worth the hype. She made sure we kept to the time, listened and even coordinated our sitting. On a lighter note, to make sure we all appeared in the pictures, she turned gate-keeper.

It was not a situation of the blind leading the blind. Being a today’s leader herself, of course she could train and lead tomorrow’s women – She is the Director of Administration and Strategy at Jayset Consulting. Before then, she was Regional Coordinator for Youth Enterprises and Skills development (YESDEC), which is a social intervention for the development of young entrepreneurs.

In line with the second and third missions, Selasie can practically show the world what strong women are capable of achieving and how technology boosts their efforts since she has tried and succeeded .She owns Delse Shop, an online shop for 100% organic skin and hair products.Also, she was selected as one of the Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurs 2019 and therefore was given a grant to scale up Delse Shop.

This quote sums up our view of her.  “Makeup and high heels are a plus, but a great smile and personality should be a must”. Unknown.

Selasie is worth celebrating today, as our woman crush but worth being celebrated every day in Ghana, Africa and beyond. Kudos on a successful event and for impacting the lives of women indelibly.


October 15, 2019


  1. Incredibly fabulous

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