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Word Search Just Got Fun and Easier With Look Up!

When you’re browsing the web, going through emails, or reading a book or magazine, you’ll occasionally come across a word or phrase that you haven’t seen before. This would be a perfect time to have some sort of built-in dictionary, but most Android apps lack such a feature. If you’re familiar with the iOS pop-up dictionary, you may wonder why the same functionality isn’t built into Android. On iOS, you can select words in most apps, and easily access their definition. So no matter which app you are using, if the text is selectable, you can highlight it, tap define and a definition would pop up. Google later implemented a similar system in its Google Play Books app but it never went system wide.

Look Up, your offline (requires no-internet) English pop up dictionary is an Android app with both free and paid versions that can offer you that same convenient and omnipresent dictionary. The one restriction when using the app is that it does not make room for long-press selection as with iOS. You can Search for a word in 3 ways; by copying a word; by Pressing lookup button after selecting the word (Android 6.0 and above) or by Shaking the phone and typing in the word.

Look Up has an offline database with 22 Million Words and Phrases and also fast and predictive searching. You can store words you wish to remember by putting a star on them and can even leave notes so that you remember every word in the context you want to. It also has the ability to translate definitions into 90+ languages and can also pronounce words for you. It can also provide word of the day, in app and as a notification.


How To Look Up A Word With Look Up

Once you have Look Up installed, the process of getting a definition is straightforward;

Step 1: Highlight the word you want to look up.

Step 2: Click on the Share button.

Select Look Up from the sharing menu – it will be the first option

Step 4: After which the text with definition will pop up at the bottom of the screen for a couple of seconds. Read it and you’re done.


If you feel the pop-up disappears way too fast, you can open up Look Up app and select Popup Display Length. From here you can switch from Normal to Long or Very Long depending on your needs. Options to choose a number of definitions and Text-to-Speech is also available.

August 18, 2017

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