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World Teacher’s Day is annually held on October 5 to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide and foreground their voices and perspectives. As teachers are celebrated today, parents and guardians are urged to make teacher-respect a priority as they are an essential ingredient in molding their wards’ future.

For 2020, the celebration should focus on the vital part teachers are playing in leading in the pandemic with respect to the educational space. The challenges already experienced by teachers were overstretched by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thus, now more than ever, the world must work with teachers to protect and continue working to elevate the standards of education. In spite of the world pandemic, several educational institutions are functional because of teachers.

They engage students on digital platforms to ensure the continuity of lessons. They give direction on how to help students adjust to distance learning and to follow safety protocols as students prepare to return to school in some parts of the world. Teachers are also working constantly to make the best out of this touch situation; this highlights the fact that teachers are a chief part of the fundamentals of any individual’s development.

The world needs to better understand the role of teachers in the development of intellectuals and society. Significant efforts of dedicated teachers around the world who work to assiduously to promote inclusive and equitable lifelong learning opportunities for every Tom, Dick and Harry must be appreciated. In view of this, the Ghanaian government is encouraged to roll out policies that prioritise what teachers need to thrive in the profession as this would make teaching attractive enough to young students to make them want to pursue it as first choice and not as a last option.

October 5, 2020

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